Women Career Index – the most important facts, strategies and experiences for companies which aim to meet their target on the law for equal participation.

More women in leadership positions? This is how it works.

The recruitment, selection and development of excellent specialists and managers are without a doubt the future orientation for companies. The Women’s Career Index brings exactly the necessary practicality into this process. The FKi is based on objective figures, data and facts and supports your company in the development of effective strategies and measures. Only objectivity and transparency in promotions create trust – with all your employees.

On May 1, 2015, the Act entered into force for the equal participation of women and men in leadership positions in the private and public sectors. The responsibility for the promotion of more women in management positions is located in the companies. As an AG, KGaA or SE or as a GmbH, eG or VVaG, many companies are obliged to appoint binding targets for management, management and the two top management levels.

“Many companies want to change something. But goals alone, without appropriate measures, have no success. The question is how is what to do, to get ahead and to achieve the targets. Many years of research make it clear: the topic is long-term and time consuming. Successful companies plan for the marathon and not the sprint.”

The Women Career Index is factual, measurable and independent

Some companies are already very active in the advancement of women in Germany and are developing a wide range of measures to support the development. Their efforts and successes are little known to the public.

Other companies are still working on the development of target values ​​and cannot yet rely on proven strategies and measures. The FKi provides support in finding viable concepts and on-site implementation processes.

At the same time, the efforts of the companies are appreciated and honored. Since 2012 FKi has been leading well-known companies on the road to more women in management positions. It thus actively supports you in reaching your individual targets and plans.

The Women Career Index (FKi) offers you a proven tool and a practical alternative to formulating, achieving and documenting goals in your company.

The results of the Index are based on a comprehensive company-internal questionnaire. The questions and topics were developed together with the companies, scientifically tested, reviewed and improved over the years. More than 130 companies have now participated in FKi. They form a pool of knowledge and experience, which leads to the standardization of successful strategies and measures as well as efficient internal controlling.

You can therefore analyze your situation and take effective measures based on your own internal data. You will receive important information when completing the questionnaire. The Index does not focus on comparing the results of the companies among themselves, but focuses on successful measures and developments.

The Index provides key decision-makers with reliable KPI figures and supports a objective and factual discussion within the company and in the public.

The methodology: The Index model and the FKi questionnaires were developed in several stages over two years. The pilot phase, the pretest and the first three survey waves were supported by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. The analysis is limited to measurable facts & figures. The data of the participating companies are not anonymous and can be checked. The data is anonymised for the higher-level comparison and standardization. The data is exclusively available to the market research institute.

Participation in a survey does not entail any obligation for you and the FKi provides all the necessary information to the participating companies.

The Women Career Index lets figures speak for themselves.


The FKi Dashboard gives concrete indications of where your company stands, where the strengths and weaknesses of your career advancement of women are and how you can improve them adequately. It provides – at a glance – all relevant figures and is suitable for reporting purposes.

The Women Career Index is surveyed annually. Companies can enter at any time. Their developments are documented for the last financial year. You get a complete analysis and evaluation. The knowledge and database of the FKi serves as a benchmark. If desired, you can also compare your own data with the previous FKi results up to 2012.

To finalize each Women Career Index survey wave the participants are honored in an award ceremony in which each company that is indexed is provided with the FKi certificate as a recognition to their efforts.